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Federation of Canadian Artists: Chapter Challenge

As part of the Federation’s 80th Anniversary celebrations, the Federation has launched our first Chapter Challenge exhibition, featuring artworks exclusively from our FCA members who are also affiliates with our chapters. The 2021 Chapter Challenge exhibition celebrates the many talented artists in our organization, and highlights a variety of styles and mediums.

My painting titled: My Best Apples, 15x12in oil on canvas is part of this juried art exhibition.


Lake Country Art Walk 2021

After the 2020 Art Walk was canceled this year we had a somewhat changed format but equally popular. Instead of an indoor event we are used to, this year we had an outdoor experience. We were spread out in parks and wineries, 12 different locations altogether and visitors were touring the Lake Country on their own discovery adventure. It was a blast! People loved it and I also enjoyed being outdoors instead of being locked in for the entire day, although I suggest you have some sun protection because I got a bit sunburnt.

Oil Painting Supplies

Oil Painting Supplies

This is my basic oil painting palette that I always use with the addition of special guest star colours needed for a particular project. 

  • White
  • Nickel yellow
  • Cadmium yellow light
  • Yellow ochre
  • Cadmium orange deep
  • Cadmium red
  • Permanent alizarin crimson
  • Ultramarine blue 
  • Phthalo green
  • Terra rosa
  • Transparent oxide red

You can see red makes half of my basic palette and I absolutely adore red colour. Just in case other colours are reading this, I love you too! 

(I haven’t listed the special guest star colours, maybe some other time, it’s a long list)


I am very sensitive to solvents and selectively use them in my painting practice, also making sure my oil paint does not contain solvents right from the tube.


I enjoy making my own mediums, I find it empowering to make a medium exactly to my liking. I prepare my medium by melting beeswax, damar resin and adding walnut oil/alkyd. I really love the smell of beeswax, it smells sunny.

If you have any questions about oil painting please use the comments section below and I will answer you as soon as I see it.

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