In July this year, 2022, me and my family moved to Calgary, AB. This move was certainly unplanned, and destiny dropped us here in a whirlwind of unlikely events.

I moved too many times in this lifetime, and it was never my wish to do so. This time, for an added benefit, we were homeless for 10 days before moving into our new home. While I am capable of acknowledging it is all a valuable experience, I cannot stress this enough: I never asked for it.

I was only over 2 years old when I moved the first time. I left an idyllic setting (can you imagine, lot’s of flowers, sunny gardens, surrounded by numerous loving family and friends), to move into a communist brut style apartment building, an oversized concrete lego block construction minus the garish colouring. Early, I met my best friend Ivana when I was 2 and a half while she was two. That moment was critical for me developing strong human connections rather than site ones. I love all my people, and I never really left them.

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