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Izabela Bogdanovic

Izabela Bogdanovic

Visual Artist

Exploring the full circle by applying oil paint in meaningful ways and presenting intimate scenes of light and shadow, taking liberties, skipping over opinions and presenting my authentic experience.

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2024 New Year – New Something

Happy New Year! In the spirit of all things new I wanted to art something new so I experimented with gouache. I did a really simple study of a mug on my desk, the only thing in view while sitting next to a humble porcelain plate palette. Well, I have noticed with...

Beautiful Creation

What is beautiful and inspiringly beautiful? Creation is beautiful, meaningful, works like clockwork, it has layers of meaning to it, and can inspire humanity for eternity. We create because we are alive, and there is no other way to be alive. People who do not create...

Moving to Calgary

In July, 2022 we moved to Calgary, Alberta from Kelowna, British Columbia where we lived for 12 years. Destiny dropped us here in a whirlwind of unlikely events, and it has been quite an adventure getting here. Calgary is a great place to live, I am by no means...

Colours, Beautiful Colours

I am a great admirer of colours, I love all colours with great passion and I use them all from time to time. Having to limit the colours I use regularly is just a practical solution to the impossible idea of having them all play a part in each painting. That is why I...

Technology & Art Practice

I will be presenting at our chapter's (Federation of Canadian Artists Central Okanagan Chapter) upcoming monthly meeting on Monday, March 7 at 7pm. That is actually a very special day for me, it is 16,801st day of my life and my birthday. Statistically speaking, I am...

There is Art in the Heart – A True Story

This is a story about love, about God's hand, about life, strong hearts, paintings and connections. Taking on this story telling is quite an ambitious task for me. I have no idea how I am going to manage with such a complex story...