Federation of Canadian Artists: Chapter Challenge

As part of the Federation’s 80th Anniversary celebrations, the Federation has launched our first Chapter Challenge exhibition, featuring artworks exclusively from our FCA members who are also affiliates with our chapters. The 2021 Chapter Challenge exhibition celebrates the many talented artists in our organization, and highlights a variety of styles and mediums.

My painting titled: My Best Apples, 15x12in oil on canvas is part of this juried art exhibition.


Social Distancing 2020

One Strawberry Away, 9 x12″ Oil on Arches oil paper

This painting is inspired by the latest imposed trend of social distancing. Unnaturally organized, line up of strawberries, with middle one surgically cut, to emphasize the unnaturally sterile order of things during quarantine. Lines and order in one completely paranoid state are interrupted with playful shadows disturbing the imposed “order”. On a more practical note, strawberries are very healthy and will boost your natural defences. Please enjoy, have a strawberry, or maybe two and a half.

Recent Still Life Paintings

Recently, I have been spending a lot of time indoors being that it was winter, and at that a Canadian winter, so I have been creating more still life paintings. Here is some of my new work, and I will add to this gallery as I photograph my work (in a super slow process that involves a magical goose that lays golden eggs).

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