Beautiful Creation

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What is beautiful and inspiringly beautiful?

Creation is beautiful, meaningful, works like clockwork, it has layers of meaning to it, and can inspire humanity for eternity.

We create because we are alive, and there is no other way to be alive. People who do not create are their own worst enemies.

We can all create, it is not hard to do, it is the most natural state for us children of God. The most simple act of creation is kindness. Thinking is a very judgemental process, it is the nature of the activity, there is no escaping it. You can give yourself a break from all the judgement and just be kind.

I was criticized by my teachers as a teenager for being too religious so I started suppressing my self expression, but recently I have been really indulging myself on all fronts, and that includes sharing my real opinions without worry of others’ opinions. I am truly finding my own way in this world. All the years of suppression are quite an annoying fact now. This process of my inner truth finding the way outward started a few years back, but really slowly. In spring 2023 I was doing a great declutter in my own home and asking so many questions: if I need, like or use things in my home and it sort of became my habit that transferred to all areas of my life.

I found things that were imposed in early childhood that stuck with me up until now, and totally were not my choice or preference, I was just doing it out of habit, not even questioning it. I am working on finding all these intruders in my life and shaking them out of my way. I had no choice as a child, but today, being a grown up for a long time now there is no need at all for maintaining those old rules.

The same thing applies to my supposedly overly religious expression, it is totally off topic, I have never been a fanatic of any kind, as well as that one cannot love and respect their creator too much. What is too much love? Am I too blame for being too loving? Blame me then, I cannot change how I am.


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