Artist Marketing – the beginning

Artist Marketing – the beginning

While building my art website, I recently learned a lot of new things, that was exciting and I plan to continue this learning path. This gave me an opportunity to re-examine my marketing channels, yes, even though I was not very active in this field I still have those because I do interact with my audience even in absence. I really like to learn and do new things but I found that marketing in my daily work schedule is quite time consuming.

While I was personally, probably, overwhelmed with my marketing endeavours, I noticed some other artists are doing much more of it and I wondered:

  • When do they find time to paint?
  • When do they find time to really immerse themselves in art?
  • When do they find time to bring something profoundly beautiful in this world – yes, I think that art has to bring us beauty
  • When do they find time to learn new things?
  • When do they find time to be inspired by living/experiencing/thinking?
  • When do they have time to exercise, lead an active life?
  • When do they find time to prepare/eat healthy food?
  • When do they spend time with their family or friends?

(on a personal note I have a couple of other very important things I take care of on an ongoing daily basis)

I also noticed that while their art is really strong, and their marketing super successful their art is sort of marching in one spot, you can see no developments in there which brings me to the conclusion that they are not super humans and they do make compromises. I am afraid that they are making those in the wrong place. They are wonderful artists and they chose this very difficult path in life only to make that particular compromise? We all need to pay our bills, and need to develop many practical skills in order to make it. I understand why they are doing it as not only do they need to pay the bills, they want to feel successful and make sales.

I am trying to learn from the experience and wealth of examples I found on social media. They don’t even know they are giving me this insight, and that makes this analysis little naughty. I will not be naming anybody, and they are indeed excellent artists, I would never learn from a second rate ones. I did find some well balanced artists (in my opinion) who do minimal marketing and focus on their art instead, and that is the route I will be taking as well.

Finally, I decided that I will do just the bare minimum of it for the reasons I listed above. I do not want to become an art marketing consultant, and will have to find a way to balance little bits of marketing in my workflow. I definitely want to learn new things in this area in future and improve everything I possibly can but I will focus on things that are not going to eat up a big chunk of my work hours.

I will continue writing about this topic as I do want to share my journey of conquring a minimal marketing strategy for my art career.

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