Nobody has ever described my work as whimsical and I wonder how can that be?! I must be the most whimsical of people out there, never fully immersed in our daily reality.

I have always been quite distant as a child, heavily criticized for being absent mentally or slow as if I was barely there but functioning in two parallel realities.

On the other side, I love to challenge myself (people often associate this with some kind of neck breaking stunts, but I am totally not into that), to master a new skill or tackle something new and learn from experience, so I am not some kind of softy that lives in a cushioned fantasy world. I learned to engage and love this world without losing my whimsy, I just see it differently and thus nobody is recognizing that I am a truly whimsical artist.

Yes, I gather my girl self is quite surprised that there are no fairies and mermaids in my art but she may remember how she always loved porcelain figurines, fruits, and flowers. I feature plenty of porcelain in my work with addition of glass that is definitely a new favourite.

There is certainly more I could write to you about, but I am off to challenge myself with a sunlit stone family I am painting at the moment. They are asking for their faces to be put in place, as they need to talk to each other while you are not looking.

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