Oil Paintings

Brushes in New Dimensions

This is the first painting I did incorporating japanese papers as collage elements in my work. I have so much fun going through my precious paper stack (neatly divided into different categories). They are selling these papers in potluck packs and it is part of the fun since you have no idea what you are going to get. It reminds me of collecting stickers (for my Panini sticker albums) as a little girl.

I bought papers from two Canadian stores that sell Japanese Paper Place papers and I have seen big sheets of japanese paper in local store and these papers are just out of this world.

These brushes are painting in some other dimensions and I happen to see it in my mind one morning in my studio. Combining other media, collage in this case, helped me express the idea of different dimension.

Brush Dimensions, watercolor and collage on paper, 7″ x 10″, for sale CAD 350


*This painting is available for sale. If you don’t see pricing information under a painting please contact me for details.

Oil Paintings

Quadra Island Sunset

Quadra Island is a magical place. I have seen trees dancing in the woods on Quadra Island. I have also seen trees in love, stuck in a hug forever.

Quadra Island Sunset, acrylic on canvas
Sunset on Quadra Island acrylic painting 24″ x 36″ on stretched canvas